Make Music
Fort Wayne


Make Music Day is an international celebration of music held every year on June 21st in more than 750 cities in 120 countries. Held on the summer solstice, this day-long FREE event is open to everyone of all ages, whether you like to make music or listen to it.

Since its 1982 inception in France, Make Music Day has evolved into a global phenomenon dedicated to making, playing, and sharing music. From barbershop quartets to baroque music, A Capella ensembles to rock bands, anyone from amateurs to professionals are welcome!

Fort Wayne joins cities all over the world on Make Music Day, featuring a variety of free musical activities, live performances, and community gatherings for anyone who wants to participate. All the city’s a stage for this free community event where almost any kind of music can and will happen. Come join us on Wednesday, June 21st for all-ages hands-on events such as uke strums, drum circles, jam zones, and live music!

Make Music Day 2017 Schedule