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Make Music Day is an international celebration of music held every year on June 21st in more than 750 cities in 120 countries. Held on the summer solstice, this day-long FREE event is open to everyone of all ages, whether you like to make music or listen to it.

Since its 1982 inception in France, Make Music Day has evolved into a global phenomenon dedicated to making, playing, and sharing music. From barbershop quartets to baroque music, A Capella ensembles to rock bands, anyone from amateurs to professionals are welcome!

Fort Wayne joins cities all over the world on Make Music Day, featuring a variety of free musical activities, live performances, and community gatherings for anyone who wants to participate. All the city’s a stage for this free community event where almost any kind of music can and will happen. Come join us on Wednesday, June 21st for all-ages hands-on events such as uke strums, drum circles, jam zones, and live music!

Make Music Day 2017 Schedule



Get in on the act! Make Music Fort Wayne is a very do-it-yourself grassroots event with endless opportunities for all levels of involvement. Think you have a great venue but haven’t found the perfect performer for your scene? Know a terrific musical group that just needs a space to stage their act? Let us help you make your match!


Make Music Fort Wayne 2017 is now booked! Please join us on June 21st and support our local music community. We look forward to having more performances in 2018!

Participating performers will receive:
Marketing exposure
• Experience taking part in this international music festival
• An opportunity to highlight Fort Wayne’s art/music community
• Join with fellow businesses and performers in giving another reason to enjoy our wonderful downtown!

To participate in Fort Wayne’s Make Music Celebration performers must:
• Be available day and/or evening hours on Wednesday JUNE 21, 2017
• Promote the event via social media outlets, word of mouth, fliers, etc.
• Able to provide an appropriate performance for the time/venue you are scheduled to play.


Participating businesses will receive:
Marketing exposure from our many channels including:
-social media mentions
-logo and schedule on website
-print ads
• Increased traffic on a weeknight
• Musical acts or activities of the businesses preference or choosing 
•An opportunity to highlight Fort Wayne’s art/music community
• Assistance in securing needed materials for performance (when applicable)
• Ability to dictate schedule and participating times
• Make Music Fort Wayne will cover the business under our ASCAP license
• Join with fellow businesses in giving another reason to enjoy our wonderful downtown!

To participate in Fort Wayne’s Make Music Celebration Businesses must:
Host FREE show/musical activity
Provide bathroom in close proximity to business
Post Make Music Day Poster(s)
• Provide electricity for musicians
Turn in any road/city permit requests 6 weeks prior to event
Keep the Make Music team updated on performances/schedule


Make Music Fort Wayne is possible thanks to these awesome partners!








We are proud to be a part of the Make Music Alliance! Check out the Make Music Day website for more info.



A great day downtown!

A great day downtown!
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